MMTh Laem Chabang


Job Summary

To take the jobs by upper position and take responsibility in assigned Homologation Regulaton area

Job Description

- Fixed Asset Recording and Asset under construction
- Capitalized Fixed Assets
- Classification, Valuation and maintain detail of Fixed Assets
- Checking the balance of Capital Expenditure (GL530400) before run depreciation
- Checking movement of the Asset Under Construction (AUC) sheet with SAP
- Checking detail of Asset Under Construction (GL190100-190300) to Fixed Asset and Write off to Expense in month
- Prepare detail, movement Accrued capitalization Capital Expenditure (GL341039) to Fixed Asset
- Prepare and update Asset Retirement Obligations (ARO) in month
- Gather all document file and send to manager review
- Control tagging records that send to users who are taking responsibility
- Adjustment transaction of Fixed Asset in SAP System
- Prepare the Impairment Loss sheet
- Disposal Request Form
- Checking the completeness of fixed asset number / acquisition cost / Accumulated depreciation/
Net book Value and supporting document and send to manager review
- Checking the completeness of invite letter to Revenue Department officer, Customs and External Auditor for observing and send to manager review
- Create Approval request to request dispose and write off fixed asset under disposal request by using GL530280 –Write-off fixed asset and 511909-Sale Vat non taxable and send to manager review
- Write-off the fixed asset in SAP
- Issue invoice sale scrap / fixed asset
23 Fixed Asset Transfer Request Form
- Checking Transfer request form and send to manager review
- Checking the new barcode before sending to user
3Depreciation and Gain/Loss from sale and retirement fixed asset
- Running depreciation and Amortization in SAP
- Checking Gain / Loss from sale and retirement fixed asset sheet by monthly basis
4Reporting support management (J-SOX, Auditor)
41 Prepare Fixed Assets Movement Report by monthly basis
- Prepare Purchase by Vendor Report
- Review AUC movement Report (AUC in month /AUC to FA / AUC to Expense )
- Prepare Sale / Donation / Write off of Fixed Asset in month Report

Job Specification

- New graduate or 1-2 years in Research and Development in car maufacturing company
- Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Engineering
- Good command of English, able to communicate effectively
- Computer literacy especially in Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, and Outlook
- Good attitude, communication, teamwork, and collaboration
- Able to work under pressure, good team player, and good coordination skills
- Experience in the automotive industry will be an advantage